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I Declare My Solidarity with the Rebels

The “Sasna Tsrer” (Daredevils of Sasun) have raised a political rebellion which has been a long time coming. The lawlessness on the part of local authorities, the plunder, the impoverishment of the people as a result of criminal mismanagement, the lack of justice and the atmosphere of impunity, plus the habit of so-called opposition parties and intellectuals of constantly presenting Armenia in apocalyptic colors – Armenia is collapsing, so on and so forth (as if words are intended only for bargaining with authorities) – were bound to one day drive people to take up arms. After the April war, the atmosphere in the country became even more alarmed, and it became even more evident that with these authorities Armenia does indeed stand on the verge of destruction.

If there was a crime, then we should look for those responsible in the political system – among the ruling and the so-called opposition parties, as well as the organizations and individuals with public influence. Those intellectuals and political figures who slander and condemn the rebels create a basis for bloodshed, untying the authorities’ hands.

In order to restrain the authorities, we have to show them that any violent actions on their part will be condemned.

Meanwhile, I declare my solidarity with the rebels and demand that the authorities resolve the conflict through exclusively peaceful negotiations, no matter how much time or effort it requires.

Sargis Hovsepyan, writer, screenwriter
Violet Grigoryan, writer
Shaga Yuzbashyan, film critic
Vahan Ishkhanyan, writer, journalist
Karen Antashyan, writer
Anna Davtyan, writer, translator
Gemafin Gasparyan, writer
Hasmik Simonyan, writer
Vahram Danielyan, literary critic
Ashot Gabrielyan, writer
Arpi Voskanyan, writer
Sago Arean, writer, journalist
Tondrak, writer, historian
Karine Ashughyan, poet
Vahe Budumyan, novelist, artist
Aram Mamikonyan, writer
Lusine Yeghyan, writer
Sona Mnatsakanyan, literary critic
Mary Yeranosyan, sociologist
Byurakn Ishkhanyan, scientist
Anna Davtyan-Gevorgyan, orientalist, translator
Lusine Kharatyan, ethnologist
Karen Gharslyan, writer
Vahe Ohanyan, producer
Anush Kocharyan, writer, journalist
Hovhannes Tekgyozyan, writer, playwright
Mkrtich Matevosyan, artist, publisher
Tsovinar Chilingaryan, poet, translator
Gayane Ayvazyan, historian
Anahit Ghazaryan, artist
Shake Amiryan, journalist
Kristine Armenakyan, journalist
Lilit Aleks, sociologist
Gevorg Tumanyan, poet
Ani Asatryan, artist
Hayk Felekyan, translator
Taguhi Ghazaryan, literary critic
Siranuysh Ohanyan, writer
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Photo credit – Susan Amujanyan