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Nairit Employees Demand Four Months’ Back Wages

About 150 employees of the idling Nairit chemical plant in Yerevan blocked off a road adjacent to the plant on Thursday morning demanding to be paid their back wages for 4 months. The street was reopened 15 minutes later after police intervention, Hrach Tadevosyan, the leader of Nairit's trade union, said in a conversation with Epress.am.

“260 workers have yet to be paid their salaries for the past months. We've appealed to all possible authorities, including the president and the prime minister, but no one is giving us any answers. The management of Nairit can't promise us anything since the issue of our wages has to be dealt with by the ministry of natural resources and energy infrastructure,” Tadevosyan told our reporter.

The plant's managers, he added, have promised to meet with Ashot Manukyan, the recently appointed minister of natural resources and energy infrastructure, and try to find a solution to the problem. “If they don't talk to him today, we'll stage a protest again tomorrow.”