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Assault Suspect Stabbed While Partying After Badly Beating Wife

After subjecting his wife to a brutal beating on a central Yerevan street Saturday afternoon, Gevorg Sargsyan, an assault suspect in another criminal case known by the nickname Jungle, went to an Abovyan night club to let off steam, where he was stabbed during a brawl with an Abovyan man nicknamed Chechen, News.am reports.

“Right after the incident, Jungle hurried to the club, where he excitedly got up onto the stage and started dancing. He then got into a fight with [Chechen] and was stabbed as a result,” the website writes, citing own sources.

Gevorg Sargsyan is among the three defendants in a trial which concerns the 2014 beating of Nagorno-Karabakh war veteran Vardan Tumanyan, who died in hospital the following day. Several months ago, the assault suspect was released on his own recognizance, and on November 26, he was seen brutally beating his wife in broad daylight on a central Yerevan street and managed to escape the scene after the intervention of human rights activist Zara Hovhannisyan.

On Monday, Epress.am was informed by a police spokesperson that Sargsyan had been taken to Yerevan's St. Grigor Lusavorich hospital at around 6 am on November 27 with a stab wound to the left thigh.