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Sasna Tsrer Armed Group Member Suffering Deterioration, Lawyer Says

The health of Sasna Tsrer (Daredevils of Sasun) armed group member Aram Hakobyan is continuously deteriorating, his lawyer Davit Gyurjyan told Epress.am on Tuesday.

Hakobyan, the lawyer said, has burning pains in his right arm and leg, the cause of which, however, is unknown since he has yet to undergo a medical examination: “I have already applied to the Convicts’ Hospital penitentiary with a request to conduct new exams, and we are still waiting for a response to see what actions they take.”

According to Gyurjyan, Hakobyan has repeatedly complained about his health, but authorities have so far failed to provide him with proper medical care: “His health problems cannot be ignored; he has to undergo an exam at least once a week, especially cardiological and neurological ones. In the two months he has been at the Convicts’ Hospital, he has only been examined once. This is not enough, and his diseases can get out of control.”

Note, Hakobyan underwent a surgery to remove a brain tumor in 2014. He suffered a severe health deterioration while in prison and was rushed to hospital with symptoms of a brain stroke, including uncontrollable movements of his right limbs, and speech problems. Having spent a day at the civilian hospital, Hakobyan was transferred to the Convicts’ Hospital penitentiary.