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Armenian Conscript’s Letter to Azerbaijani Friend

A short time ago, an Armenian army conscript soldier gave a Russian-language letter to an Epress.am correspondent and asked him to transfer it to his friend in Azerbaijan, whom he had met in Georgia, and/or to publish it on the website. We decided not send the letter to the addressee through social networks as it could be dangerous for the recipient.

Read the English translation of the soldier’s letter bellow:

– Dear friend,

I’ve been drafted into the army, which means that I’ll have to spend two years in a place which I deeply hate. We’ve talked quite a lot about the conflict between our countries, and I know that you share my views on the matter. I am therefore writing now to remind you of the following: among many nationalists, Nazis, pseudo-patriots and others alike, I am now also serving [in the army]. Whatever you hear about the Armenian nation or the Armenian army, know that I am there, too. With the greatest disgust and without a choice.

The only somewhat comforting thing is that in two years I will be free and will not have any duties imposed on me.

Good luck, my brother, and know that there are many of us out there.