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Contract Soldier’s Death Caused by Erroneous Blood Transfusion, Sister Claims

The death of contract serviceman Vahe Margaryan, who was run over by a tractor in Jermuk on August 1, was caused by an erroneous blood transfusion in a hospital in the town of Vayk, Margaryan’s sister, Mariam Margaryan, insisted in an interview with Aravot.am.

According to Margaryan, a teenage boy drove over her brother with a tractor and immediately fled from the scene. He was later found and brought back to the scene to move the tractor so that Margaryan was able to get out.

The serviceman was taken to the Vayk hospital with hip and rib fractures and an internal bleeding caused by a damage in the intestines. Margaryan later underwent a surgery in the same hospital. “They saw that my brother had lost a lot of blood and decided that he needed a blood transfusion. One of the lab technicians randomly decided that my brother needed group B blood, whereas he had type AB positive blood. His daughter told the doctors that he had AB blood, but they ignored her and proceeded with the type B blood. My brother fell into convulsions; we asked what they were caused by and they said he was only returning to consciousness. Later, when they realized his condition was not improving, they transferred him to a Yerevan hospital,” Margaryan said.

In the central clinical military hospital, she continued, they were told that the man had been transfused with blood of the wrong group. “They said the death was not caused by his fractures but by clots formed as a result a wrong blood transfusion. In the death certificate, however, this is not mentioned.”

Robert Aslanyan, director of the Vayk medical center, denied in a conversation with Aravot that the blood transfused in their hospital had been of the wrong group.