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Young Man Detained Amid Protests in Yerevan

Robert Grigoryan, a participant of the march against the abolishment of military draft deferments for students, was detained by police on Wednesday afternoon on the central Baghramyan Avenue in Yerevan, another demonstrator told Factor.am.

“We were standing outside the Opera Suite Hotel when three people approached us, grabbed Robert and put him in a car. They only said they were from the police and took him away. Robert’s phone is currently unreachable,” the source said.

Epress.am contacted For the Development of Science initiative member Gegham Asatryan, who said he had not heard of Grigoryan’s detention. “We know he took part in the march and that he was here, but he is not a member of the initiative. We don’t know him in person; there are rumors that he might have been detained for some other reason. Why should the police have detained him? They would have taken me first if they were to take someone,” Asatryan said.