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Armenian Political Prisoner Calls for Participation in ‘Agreed-Upon War’

Zhirayr Sefilyan, the commander of the Shushi special military battalion and the leader of the Founding Parliament opposition group, has issued a statement from prison, in which he states that the president of Azerbaijan will soon provoke war, having come to a prior agreement with the authorities of Armenia. Nonetheless, the political prisoner calls on the public to take part in the military actions.

– Ilham Aliyev is fast-forwarding his reproduction in order to start a war against us, thereby using time more effectively. Otherwise, he would have to wait until November. Meanwhile, [his current plan] will have given him a free pass by mid-April.

Aliyev is in a rush, because international, regional and internal developments are becoming increasingly more unfavorable and dangerous for him and his regime.

Meanwhile, the Armenian reality does not correspond to this challenge. We are simply being offered as sacrifice. The response to Aliyev’s bellicose behavior and rhetoric are discussions about the prices of butter and greens and the students’ ‘fight’ for toilet paper.

Hence, we also have to hurry for a riot and the creation of a national government in order to be able to unify our defense potential, to neutralize the real prospect of a conspiratorial defeat in an agreed-upon war and to end the war with the enemy’s capitulation.

Zhirayr Sefilyan