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Nothing Clearly Set on NK Status: Pashinyan on the Former Authorities

There has never been an option on the negotiation table of Nagorno Karabakh that would clearly formulate and guarantee the NK status. This is a statement made by Prime Minister Pashinyan on September 12 at a Q/A session at the National Assembly. He responded to the question posed by Republican MP Armen Ashotyan what he had meant when he stated at a rally on August 17th that until that period only the issue of return of lands was under negotiations.

“In the recent years, the more we were approaching 2018, the issue of NK status was being pushed out of the agenda more and more.

And I want to let you know that at the moment, while I am on the post of Armenia’s Prime Minister, I have inherited an option that is not a document. We all understand, don’t we, that is when we say it is not a document we don’t just mean that it is not on paper and is not signed, is not ratified etc. As an inheritance, I have received an option where there is absolutely nothing on the status of Artsakh. There is only this: the territories known to you need to be returned to Azerbaijan. So I am telling this to you officially. Yes, you have left a legacy, wherein there is nothing on the status of Artsakh. I am not stating that you adopted and signed that version, but what I have said and am stating again is that the recent document on the negotiation table is exactly this one. And I am stating as Prime Minister something that I have stated earlier during my first interactions, that without clarifying the status of Artsakh, no resolution of the issue is possible,” said the Prime Minister.

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