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Revolutionary Elections – Hayk Marutyan is Mayor of Yerevan

In the snap elections of the Municipal Council of Yerevan held on September 23, “My Step” Coalition received 81.06 percent (294 109) of the votes, according to the preliminary results of the Central Electoral Committee. The Coalition that enjoys the support of Prime-Minister Pashinyan, will make up an overwhelming majority in the Municipal Council of Yerevan, while the leader of the candidates list, Hayk Marutyan, will take up the post of Yerevan’s Mayor.

“Prosperous Armenia” party came second in the number of received votes, with 6,95 percent (25 219) of the total votes cast for this party. “Louys” coalition did not overcome the threshold of 8 percent for coalitions, however it will be represented at the Council owing to the requirement of the law that at least 3 political forces need to be represented at the Council.

The other political forces participating in the elections did not overcome even the 2 percent threshold. The Armenian Revolutionary Federation (ARF) received 1,62 percent of the total votes, “Yerkir Tsirani” party received 1.39 percent, “Rule of Law” party – 1.09%, “Yerevantsis” coalition of parties – 0,82%, “Heritage” party – 0,75%, “Public of Yerevan” coalition of parties – 0,69%, “Reformers” and “Democratic Path” parties by 0.22% each, “Hayk” party – 0,19%.

Election observers report that the elections of September 23 were held without outstanding violations, there were minimal alerts sent from electoral precincts. 43,65 percent of registered Yerevan voters participated in the elections, a number exceeding the 40,99 percent of population voting at the municipal elections of May 14, 2017.