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Government Pressures Jermuk Municipal Council

Jermuk community’s municipal council has rejected the recommendation of the Ministry of Territorial Administration and the Marzpetaran of Vayots Dzor to examine and annul or alter the decision adopted by the Municipal Council on December 18.

By this decision, Jermuk Municipal Council approved the petition signed by 3000 community members to ban metal mining in Jermuk and to declare the community an ecologically clean economic territory.

Armenian Environment Front states that this is a government-level pressure on the Municipal Council of Jermuk.

The recommendation of Minister of Territorial Administration to Marzpet of Vayots Dzor, T. Sargsyan reads:

“Please examine and propose to the municipal council of Jermuk to annul or change their decision N 88-A of December 18 and to report on the results in accordance with the Law on Self-Governance, Article 98.”

Vayots Dzor Marzpet’s letter to Mayor of Jermuk, V. Hovhannisyan.

“In implementation of the Recommendation N 01/16.1/436-19 of the Minister of Territorial Administration and Development of 24.01.2019 and guided by the provisions of Article 98 of the Law on Self-Governance, I propose to take measures to annul or alter decision N 88-A of Jermuk Municipal Council adopted on December 18, 2018.”