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Lebanon is ours: Yerevan Protestors Support the Revolution in Lebanon

On October 25 2019, a number of citizens of Lebanon and Lebanese Armenians raised their voice of support to the protests taking place in Lebanon.

One of the protestors told Epress.am that they feel good in Armenia, however a revolution in Lebanon was a long-desired wish; most of their relatives continue living there. 

The protestors were dancing, chanting songs, the anthems of Lebanon and Armenia. 

Lebanon is about to reach a popular-led revolution. Three days ago the Armed Forces announced that they will side by the people. For the 9th day, people are protesting against the government of Saad Hariri decried for corruption, “political obesity” and absolute neglect for the needs of laymen. 

The people that have flooded the towns of Lebanon are demanding the resignation of the corrupt government, formation of a new cabinet of “technocrats” and massive economic reforms. According to the World Bank more than one-fourth of Lebanon’s population lives below the poverty line. For a country with a population of 6 mln, the influx of 1.5mln refugees from war-torn Syria has added up to the existing problems.

Central streets continue to be under blockades in major cities of Lebanon and most notably in capital Beirut, educational institutions and a number of banks and other enterprises are shut down. 

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