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COVID-19 Continues to Surge in Armenia

As of July 1, 11:00, a total 26 065 cases of COVID-19 are registered in Armenia, of which over half (14 563) are cured, 453 persons have died with an additional 149 cases of deaths from other conditions accompanied by COVID-19. The highest number of cases in a single day was registered on June 25 with 771 new COVID-19 cases.

Every day, from 500-700 new cases are registered on average, with roughly 10 deaths reported per day. 10900 patients receive treatment of which around 600 are in a critical or extremely critical condition. ICUs remain occupied, hospital beds too, although patients in need of hospitalization are not left at home and are timely hospitalized, according to Health Minister Torosyan.

The rate of the infection spread among the elderly has gone up, as a worrisome sign. Capital Yerevan remains the largest hotspot of the contagion. The World Health Organization has expressed concern with the wave of the infection in a number of countries, including Armenia.

The government continues calling on individuals and businesses to maintain anti-epidemiological measures of wearing masks, disinfecting hands and maintaining physical distance. Minister of Health Arsen Torosyan called on people to maintain a self-quarantine instead of waiting for a mandatory one. “Simply don’t visit each other, don’t go out eating or having coffee, don’t go out for walks, just stay home for a while,” wrote Torosyan on his Facebook page yesterday.

In the meanwhile, the government has adopted a decision to take over administration of all health institutions regardless of type of ownership into a single state-led system. This is an unprecedented move in a highly privatized health system in Armenia.