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Talks on Nairit’s Reoperation Delayed Due to Armenian Premier’s Resignation

The talks on the reoperation of the Nairit plant in Yerevan will not take place due to the resignation of Armenian prime minister Hovik Abrahamyan today.

Ashot Grigoryan, the head of the Armenian community of Slovakia and the chairman of the EU-ASIA Business Finance Centre Holding, was informed by representatives of Armenia's government on September 7 that the planned meeting with the Armenian premier would not take place since Abrahamyan was set to resign Thursday, Karine Shahverdyan, a former Nairit worker, said in conversation with Epress.am as dozens of ex-employees of the idling chemical plant gathered in front of the government building in Yerevan today demanding that the factory be reoperated. 

Note, speaking to reporters last week, Grigoryan said he was prepared to invest 20 million dollars to restart production at the rubber factory if the state agreed to hand over the reins to Nairit to his holding. 

“Grigoryan received an e-mail yesterday that Hovik Abrahamyan would resign on September 8 and the meeting scheduled for September 12 could not therefore be held. He had already bought plane tickets and even prepared a program for the plant's reoperation,” Shahverdyan said.

The ex-worker added that Hovik Abrahamyan, for his part, had already agreed to the offer. “We hope that the new prime minister will continue the talks with Ashot Grigoryan and will also give his consent to Nairit's reoperation.”

Armenian Prime Minister Hovik Abrahamyan submitted his resignation during a Thursday Cabinet meeting. According to media speculations, Abrahamyan, who was appointed prime minister two years ago, will be replaced by former mayor of Yerevan Karen Karapetyan.