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CSTO Leaders Meet in Yerevan, Agree to Assist Kyrgyzstan

The unofficial summit of Collective Security Treaty Organisation (CSTO) member countries kicked off in Armenia on August 20. On the meeting agenda are events to be planned and undertaken by CSTO to support stabilizing the situation in Kyrgyzstan, developing an effective system to quickly respond to crisis situations, and organizational issues related to the official CSTO Council meeting in Moscow. 

Welcoming summit participants, RA President Serzh Sargsyan said that this unofficial meeting format works quite effectively.

Russian President Dmitry Medvedev, presiding over the CSTO summit, on behalf of the summit participants, thanked the RA president for his hospitality and stated that great practical results are expected from the Yerevan meeting. “In accordance with tradition, this format, despite not being formal, has shown its effectiveness. In any case, that which has been spoken about has become a practical decision and it is with that that we measure our work,” said Medvedev. 

At the end of the summit, the Armenian and Russian presidents presented the results of the summit to mass media representatives. CSTO Secretary General Nikolai Bordyuzha was also present during the meeting. 

According to the RA president’s official website, the leaders of CSTO member states left for Sevan, where they had bilateral meetings and continued discussions at the well-known Harsnaqar Hotel Complex.