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Winner of Children’s Pop Contest Plans to Conquer Junior Eurovision

This year, the group representing Armenia, “Razmik and friends,” became the winner of New Wave, an international contest of young pop singers. Prizes awarded to the winning group include a mini-studio, tickets to the 2011 New Wave contest in the Latvian town of Jurmala, and to each member of the group, a microphone. 

Razmik and friends, for the contest, performed songs by Michael Jackson and Freddie Mercury.

During a press conference in Yerevan today, the group’s producer, Mikail Margaryan, said that after performing the Michael Jackson number, it was clear for the jury who was going to win. 

“During Freddie Mercury’s ‘We will rock you,’ the entire 7,000-seater hall was singing with us,” said Margaryan. 

Thirteen-year-old Razmik said they returned in very high spirits.

“Everything was really great. Before our performance, of course, there was nervousness, but when you go on the stage, all of that vanishes,” said the young pop singer.

He also added he’s seriously preparing to participate in the Junior Eurovision Song Contest. According to Razmik, a song is a unique type of dream, in which a call is made to the “World’s President,” a request for everything to be all right.

One of the members of the winning group is David Gevorgyan, well-known musician Ara Gevorgyan’s son, who, with his father, is already participating in different concert events in various places around the world.