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Saakashvili Confessed He’s ‘Insane’

Georgian President Mikheil Saakashvili, in an interview with Echo Moscow, commented on the recent insults and accusations hurled at him by the Kremlin and the Russian press.

“Since 2004, they’ve been accusing me of being insane. The same accusations were made of [Belarusian President] Lukashenko. Now it’s Moldova’s turn. From Russia’s point of view, the heads of state are individuals who have mental disorders. But we also know that Andrei Sakharov [a well-known Soviet nuclear physicist] was subject to numerous psychological examinations. And, in general, those who don’t appeal to Russia are insane. And, in general, you must be mad to love your country and long for its independence. Well of course, such a person is mentally ill, he’s dangerous. It’s completely acceptable that he must be hanged from behind the back, as they’ve repeatedly promised me. First hang, then cure,” said the Georgian leader.