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1 Million People in Armenia are Officially Poor: Opposition

During his speech at the Armenian National Congress (HAK) rally today, Pan-Armenian National Movement leader Aram Manukyan presented a few statistics of the situation in Armenia.

He said that poverty in Armenia is at 32%. “That means that one million people are officially poor,” he said.

According to Manukyan, 40% of residents expressed a desire to leave Armenia.

“That means that Armenia has become hell for Armenians. That is the government’s tactic, the fewer the number of residents in the country, the easier it’ll be to govern. All those who say that there’s no way out of this situation are filling the working government’s mill with water [that is, they’re feeding the flame],” said the Pan-Armenian National Movement leader. 

Manukyan said there’s no other country (presumably, in the world) in which exports exceeds imports by 5 times. 

“Foreign debt makes up 40% of the GDP, while former president Robert Kocharyan’s wealth makes up 50% of [Armenia’s] GDP. If we tolerate this, then we’re not a nation,” said the opposition member.  

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