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Dashnak MP Backs Protesting Yerevan Building Residents

“During elections they come, knock on our doors, say, vote for us. If people have really voted for him, I ask, where is he today, why isn’t he here, by our side, why isn’t he interested in our problems?” said resident of 21 Teryan St. in Yerevan Vardan Geravetyan, speaking to Epress.am and referring to elected MP of this particular riding Ara Simonyan.

Recall, residents of 21 Teryan St. 42 Koghbatsi St. and 40 Pushkin St. organized another protest at noon today against what they say is the unlawful construction of a high-rise building in their yard. They argue that the building will encroach on their recreational grounds, as well as endanger them in terms of seismic safety.

Member of the Armenian Revolutionary Federation (Dashnaktsutyun) faction, MP Lilit Gasparyan, who was on scene, told Epress.am  that building residents came to her a few days ago. According to her, she familiarized herself with the issue and intends to present a complaint to Yerevan City Hall.

“I will make use of my powers [as a politician], I will send a letter to the mayor to find out what are the priorities for construction [in this particular area], whether an examination has taken place, whether they’re not violating fire safety and, in general, common use areas and urban development norms,” she said.

It’s important to note that a poster has since appeared with the name of the developer and an image of the future building. The developer is the firm Local Developers, which belongs to wealthy entrepreneur and owner of H2 TV station Samvel Mayrapetyan.