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Georgian Tourists to Depart for Egypt Today

Today 82 people will depart from Tbilisi for the Egyptian resort town of Sharm el-Sheikh, reports Georgia’s Interpress News.

Airzena Georgian Airlines has a charter flight scheduled for 11:30 pm, said Airzena Public Relations Manager Nino Ghiorgobiani. According to her, tourist agencies have not addressed the company for additional charter flights to Egypt. Ghiorgobiani states that the company is ready to provide additional flights in case of demand.

“We are ready to schedule additional charter flights from Tbilisi to Egypt. Tonight we have one flight to Egypt. At dawn, we are also expecting passengers from Egypt,” Ghiorgobiani added.

According to Interpres News, Georgia’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs has called on citizens of Georgia to avoid visiting Egypt and has set up a hotline (94 50 50) for citizens seeking additional information and advice.