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Armenian National Congress Won’t Allow Kocharian’s Return to Politics: Opinion

As a result of recent developments, the domestic political palette in Armenia changed. What’s really happening: Robert Kocharian, as per his typical practice, will remain in the shadows, and with the Prosperous Armenia (BHK) party’s help, he is trying to destabilize Armenia’s political situation, said Armenian National Congress (HAK) representative Davit Shahnazaryan, speaking to journalists today about the political situation in Armenia; in particular, about the likelihood of the return to active political life of Republic of Armenia’s second president, Robert Kocharian.

“Kocharian has already tried to introduce some instability within the coalition. That is, now he’s outlined such a situation: the Republican Party [of Armenia] led by Serzh Sargsyan having the support of the West tries to maintain its ruling position, and Robert Kocharian through the BHK, using his huge financial resources, which are resources robbed from our people, tries to show that he enjoys the Kremlin’s political support. I declare with all responsibility that Moscow showing any sort of political support to Robert Kocharian is out of the question, considering this great hatred our society has toward Kocharian, and that what’s waiting for him is the seat of the accused,” he said.

In Shahnazaryan’s opinion, these actions are simply demonstrative moves by Kocharian, so that a misunderstanding is created, that he enjoys political support from Moscow. He said, along with these factors, there’s a more serious political factor: the Armenian National Congress.

“It’s HAK that today is the republic’s guarantor of stability, and all of Kocharian’s attempts to introduce instability are condemned.

“The likelihood of Robert Kocharian returning to power in any role is excluded — the Armenian National Congress won’t allow it. After a change of regime, the convict’s chair awaits him,” said the HAK member.

Shahnazaryan advised BHK to clearly separate itself from the “future convict” (referring to Kocharian), if they want to have any kind of public position.