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Armenia’s Social Situation is Explosive: Shahnazaryan

The social situation contains explosiveness within it. Armenia’s economic situation is such that, based on the forecasts of Armenian and European analysts and economists, Armenia will stand before a very serious situation in the near future.

At a press conference in Yerevan today, speaking about domestic political issues, Armenian National Congress (HAK) representative Davit Shahnazaryan opined that Armenian authorities are in no way trying to ease the current social tension; furthermore, their inadequate actions further reinforce the situation.

“All this will be spoken of in greater detail at the rally on the 18th of the month,” he said.

Addressing recent developments in countries in the Arab world, Shahnazaryan deemed these to be very dangerous not only for the region, but also for international security.

“In my assessment, these are symbols of an international political crisis, and surely this global system needs serious updates, otherwise very difficult situations can arise,” he said.