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We Will Taste Victory on Mar. 17: HAK

The Feb. 18 and Mar. 1 Armenian National Congress (HAK) rallies created a new situation in the country, said HAK coordinator Levon Zurabyan, speaking to journalists in Yerevan today.

“The Armenian National Congress’ numerous meetings with regional agencies and the people, the different types of discussions, as well as the internet monitoring shows that there are changes taking place in the public consciousness. The people are ready to stand up for its rights and reinstate them. We have reliable information that joining the movement will be not only thousands of people who have never participated in our organized events, but also thousands of people who’ve been the ruling party’s political supporters, those who’ve ensured the authorities’ pillars,” he said.

Zurabyan urged participants of the upcoming Mar. 17 rally to be more organized and unconditionally follow the calls of rally organizers.

“This has important significance in carrying out the people’s will. We call on the police to close Koryun St. from Isahakyan and Teryan streets. We call on [you] to show restraint in involving agents in civilian clothes and in carrying out provoking acts. Mar. 17 will mark the implementation of the will of the people and the establishment of democracy. We will taste victory,” he said.