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Armenian Stars Asked to Donate their Apartments to the Homeless

Following the Apr. 3 Tashir 2011 Music Awards in Moscow, a couple of local Facebook users have created an event page calling on those singers and musicians who were awarded apartments to donate them to homeless families in Armenia.

“We suggest to our stars (whoever doesn’t need an apartment), to donate the apartments given at Tashir 2011 to homeless families. The outcome depends on our active participation. We ask that you treat our stars with respect. We are proposing and not demanding,” reads the information posted on the page. As of this publication, over 500 people have “attended” the event to show their support.

Some of the popular Armenian singers who received certificates for new apartments in Yerevan include Armenchik, Tata Simonyan, Shushan Petrosyan, Razmik Amyan, Nune Yesayan, Djivan Gasparyan, Emmy and Sirusho.

Further, Armenian politician and wealthy entrepreneur Gagik Tsarukyan handed over a certificate for an apartment to Vladimir Arzumanyan, winner of the 2010 Junior Eurovision Song Contest.

Emmy was named “Best Female Singer” of the year, while Razmik Amyan was named “Best Male Singer” — they were each granted a car by the Tashir Group.

Some of the comments left on the Facebook page titled “A Call to Tashir 2011 Stars” indicate that though users support the initiative, they consider it unlikely that the stars will donate their awarded apartments.

“I don’t believe that they’ll do such a thing, but it’s a good initiative; we welcome it,” wrote one user.

“They’re not those who would do such a thing,” wrote another user.

“A call to who? To the stars? Are there stars here? I only see garbage,” wrote yet another Facebook user.

The Tashir Music Awards are granted annually to singers, musicians and artists in the industry for their outstanding contributions to Armenian music.