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Mubarak Issues First Public Statement Since Being Ousted

Egypt’s deposed former president, Hosni Mubarak, has made his first public statement since leaving power to deny he stole billions of dollars from his country’s coffers. The statement, via al-Arabiya satellite news channel, came hours before he was summoned by prosecutors examining corruption and the killing of pro-democracy protesters, reports Guardian.co.uk.

The moves by the prosecutor appear to be a response by the country’s military rulers to a new wave of mass protests in Cairo over the weekend to demand action against Mubarak and other high former officials for corruption, and for more immediate steps toward democratic government.

In his first public address since he was deposed, Mubarak called any accusations of corruption against him or his family “a lie.”

“I will uphold all my legal rights to defend my reputation as well as that of my family,” he said. “I have been, and still am, pained by what I and my family are facing from fraudulent campaigns and unfounded allegations that seek to harm my reputation, my integrity and my military and political record.”

Speaking on al-Arabiya in a speech recorded on Saturday, Mubarak said he will cooperate with any investigation in order to prove that he does not have property or bank accounts abroad. He also denied similar accusations against his wealthy and once powerful sons, Alaa and Gamal, who have also been summoned for questioning.

But Mubarak made no mention of the parallel investigation of his role in the deaths of more than 360 people at the hands of the police, army and political militia during the mass protests that brought down the Egyptian leader.

The public prosecutor, Abdel Maguid Mahmoud, said that Mubarak’s rejection of the corruption accusations against him and his family would have no effect on the investigation.