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Popular Entertainer, Actor Hovo on Nikol Pashinyan’s Release (VIDEO)

Anchors of the program “Good Morning, Armenians” broadcast on Armenia TV congratulated Armenian viewers on May 28, on the occasion of Republic Day. Also present during the talk show were singer Hasmik Karapetyan and composer Avet Barseghyan.

The program was marked by an announcement by well-known local actor and entertainer Hovhannes Azoyan (better known by his nickname “Hovo”) made around the 5th minute in the video below.

“Today is a double celebration for me because it’s the first independence day of the Republic of Armenia, which is very important.” Then Barseghyan said that audiences don’t listen to Azoyan as much as they watch him, “but this is one of those times when I advise you to listen carefully.”

Azoyan continued: “And second, on the 28th, political prisoners in Armenia were finally released, including journalist Nikol Pashinyan, which is very important for you and I as a journalist, because you are a TV employee and I’m a TV employee. Rafael, you too are a TV employee.”

The country’s president definitely should be congratulated, Azoyan added, “for displaying such will and courage.”

“I congratulate you, Mr. President; I congratulate us all,” he said.

Photo: ArmComedy News Network