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‘Criminal’ Steps Up to the Podium at HAK Rally

Earlier today, opposition rally participants welcomed recently released Shmavon Galstyan and Ara Hovhannisyan, who the opposition bills as political prisoners, at the Armenian National Congress (HAK) rally at Liberty Square in Yerevan.

When Hovhannisyan appeared at the podium, HAK member Vardges Gaspari called out, “Criminal!” He demanded that Hovhannisyan step down from the podium, then, as a sign of protest, Gaspari lay down on the ground and said he won’t get up till the “criminal” steps down from the podium.

When asked why he considered Hovhannisyan a criminal, Gaspari said, “Ask Nikol Pashinyan, he knows.”

Later, Gaspari got up from the ground.