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Opposition Will Decide its Next Steps after Sargsyan-Aliyev Meeting: Zurabyan

It can be concluded from the Russian foreign minister’s statements that the question of signing a framework agreement has been put very clearly, said Armenian National Congress (HAK) senior representative Levon Zurabyan, speaking at the opening of HAK’s new office in Davtashen administrative district of Yerevan and referring to the upcoming trilateral meeting in Kazan, Republic of Tatarstan, Russia, on Jun. 25.

“It’s clear that though [Armenian President] Serzh Sargsyan by signing that agreement will receive serious foreign assistance, he, nevertheless, will weaken his positions in the country in the most radical way. And in this state, he is calculating, what is the extent of the concessions which I have to be ready [to make] before elections? Ay, this is what has mainly caused the authorities to flounder; this is what caused Serzh Sargsyan to be silent,” he said.

According to him, Sargsyan has not yet decided what he is prepared to give the Armenian people as a concession.

“If he had a sense of responsibility, a politician who thought like the state, who has a strategic vision, he wouldn’t tie these facts together; he wouldn’t think let me concede to this people and opposition since I am signing some document in Kazan. He would switch off domestic politics from foreign policy,” said Zurabyan, adding that now they have to consider that they’re dealing with such an administration and in what a complex situation they find themselves.

“A situation when war could break out any minute, when a very difficult geopolitical environment has been created and a situation in which we have these impetuous developments on the political developments stage. In this situation, we don’t have the right to come to inadequate conclusions or make inadequate moves. We have to preserve our balance and we’ll make time, in fact, until Jun. 30. On Jun. 30 it will be clear approximately in which directions the authorities’ approaches are inclined toward, and on Jun. 30 we will already have quite a lot to say to the people,” he said.