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To Go or Not to Go to Opposition Rally Today? Responses from Artists to HHK Members

Epress.am asked a handful of Yerevan residents, among them an artist, activist and politician: “Why are or aren’t you going to the Armenian National Congress rally today?” Here are their responses:

Writer Lusine Vayachyan: “I am a loyal person by nature, not conservative, and no matter how much I don’t agree with certain strategic moves, however far I am from blind faith and accordingly, I can’t be a devotee, no matter how much my reasoning rebels at times, no matter how much I feel myself to be cowardly, no matter how obvious HAK’s internal structural bureaucracy and demagogue are, no matter how much the complexity in specialness in being opposition annoys me, nevertheless, I am going to the rally, I’m going to go to listen to something new, also because my friends are going, also ’cause it’s work — we’ve caught it, well, we’re not going to leave it half-finshed, are we?”

Prosperous Armenia member Serob Gevorgyan: “I never say one shouldn’t go to a rally, since those for whom this is necessary go. And if a person wants to and has to go, then that’s his will, and that is what the principal of democracy is.”

Artist Karen Andreasyan: “I am going to the rally, but I don’t know why.”

Board member of the recently formed Free Democrats political party Artur Avtandilyan: “I won’t go because I don’t see the meaning of it. I won’t hear what I want; they will speak [in a way which] I don’t want.”

Ruling Republican Party of Armenia (HHK) member, Yerevan State Linguistic University named after V. Brusov master’s student Eteri Ayvazyan: “I haven’t gone and won’t go. It’s understandable why people gather. Unfortunately, no one goes for any specific reason. That is, there is one purpose: that the president resign. As if people are hypnotized. In short, according to me, nothing serious.”