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Armenia Lifts Travel Ban for People with HIV

“To fully rescind travel restrictions related to HIV, UNAIDS Armenia continued working with the National Assembly, Ministry of Health, and Migration department on revision of AIDS related sub-legislation. As a result of joint efforts, the Decree N49 was reviewed and HIV was excluded from the list of seven ‘infectious diseases’ that threatens public health during the government session on Jun. 30,” said Dr. Naira Sargsyan, Social Mobilization and Partnership Advisor with UNAIDS Armenia, according to a post published Wednesday on local NGO PINK Armenia’s blog.

Earlier, the Joint United Nations Programme on HIV/AIDS (UNAIDS) issued a statement in which it commended the decision by the Government of Armenia to lift its travel restrictions for people living with HIV. The reforms, which took effect on Jul. 14, “align the country’s legislation with international public health standards.”

“Restrictions that limit an individual’s movement based solely on HIV-positive status are discriminatory and violate human rights. There is no evidence that such restrictions protect public health or prevent HIV transmission. Furthermore, HIV-related travel restrictions have no economic justification, as people living with HIV can lead long and productive working lives,” read the UNAIDS press statement.