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Attack on Opposition Activists Being Investigated, Says Davit Harutyunyan

Discussed during the meeting between the Armenian National Congress (HAK) and ruling coalition delegations were issues related to the work and the frequency of future meetings. This news was conveyed to reporters by head of the ruling coalition delegation, MP Davit Harutyunyan at the press briefing following the meeting.

“Our preliminary program is as follows: we will have meetings twice a week, beginning next week, on Tuesdays and Fridays at 12 pm. Though we will have the chance to postpone meetings or designate another meeting when necessary. We also discussed how we will begin our next meeting. We will begin with the discussion of the first item on the agenda [the holding of pre-term elections], and [Armenian National] Congress representatives will present their grounds, arguments, solutions and so on,” he said.

According to the MP, also discussed during the meeting was a recent incident involving police and HAK activists, who say that plainclothes officers attacked them at the last rally (on Aug. 2).

“We do not yet have a final answer in this matter; however, an investigation is underway,” said Harutyunyan.

The issue of public transport minibuses that carry passengers from the regions to the capital not operating on the day of the rally was also discussed, Harutyunyan added.

“As we said before, we are prepared to be attentive in finding a solution to this problem, to study it, and to understand what the problem is, and today we were provided with materials which we will make the subject of our investigation,” he said.