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Clashes Not Excluded If Government-Opposition Dialogue Fails: HHK MP

Republican Party of Armenia (HHK) MP and member of the ruling coalition delegation in talks with the Armenian National Congress (HAK) Gagik Minasyan believes that the break in dialogue was “not completely balanced, not completely measured” because HAK’s arguments are not scrutinized.

“I believe that the coming days will clearly address this issue: will HAK will change its tactics in this process, will it return to constructiveness and will it create a possibility to continue our discussions or not? Because the outcome of these talks was extremely important,” he said.

Minasyan pointed out that either the process will return to being constructive or there will nonconstructive developments as a result of which, according to the MP, there will be a positive resolution for neither a member of the public nor a political entity.

Furthermore, the delegation member didn’t rule out the possibility of clashes if negotiations with the opposition fail.

“There are forces within HAK that believe that a constructive approach is not part of their strategy. Maybe some of those in HAK find that the process of discussions, which was to have begun inevitably after publication of our document, is risky for them; therefore, [clashes] cannot be excluded,” he said.

Minasyan, nevertheless, expressed hope that common sense will prevail, and there will be no alternative to bringing the process back to working discussions.

The MP declared that the ruling coalition made no promises to HAK that they will intervene in the case of detained HAK activist Tigran Araqelyan.

In Minasyan’s opinion, “HAK has to make a very difficult choice: [it has to come to terms with the fact that] either HAK, like traditional parties, presents its problems also perhaps at rallies (perhaps it also has other ways) or its way is to push the country forward through shocks and on a destructive path, which will more quickly discredit this very structure because the potential that exists in HAK will deplete senselessly.”