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Last Bullfight in Barcelona (PHOTOS)

It was the end of more than 600 years of history. On Sunday evening, amid the cheers of fans and the bloody death throes of fighting bulls, Barcelona hosted its last-ever bullfight, reports The Guardian.

As dusk fell in the Catalan capital, sequin—clad local matador Serafín Marín dispatched the last of six bulls on the sand of the packed La Monumental bullring – where touts had been offering tickets at eight times their original price.

With bullfighting banned in Catalonia as of next year – and with Sunday’sfight marking the end of the season in Barcelona – no Spanish fighting bull will be killed in the city in the name of sport or art for the foreseeable future.

Supporters denounced the ban as an infringement of civil liberties. Opponents declared it an enlightened move away from mindless barbarity.

A taxidermist has already been asked to preserve the head of the last bull to be killed. Other remains were set to be sold in butcher’s shops – where the meat of fighting bulls, or toros bravos, which live a free-range existence before they die, is prized by some clients.