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Why Armenia’s Opposition Withdrew its Call for Early Elections

There’s a big difference between calling for the resignation of Armenian President Serzh Sargsyan and calling for snap elections, said Pan-Armenian National Movement (HHSh) party leader, Armenian National Congress (HAK) representative Aram Manukyan, speaking to journalists today.

“The demand for early elections included negotiations and discussions — it was a bilateral process which fit in the process of dialogue. In short, it was a process in which the participating parties could have been the Armenian National Congress and the authorities. Immediate resignation [on the other hand] is a process that does not include negotiations or dialogue. In this case you are more tough — you only demand immediate resignation and that’s all. We withdrew from the idea of early elections for a very simple reason: we no longer want to negotiate with a government which refuses dialogue, which blocks roads, which imposes a strict blockade on free speech, Liberty Square and Yerevan,” he said.

Aram Manukyan further said that the authorities’ blockade and barricade, as well as intimidating people, during the HAK’s 8-day nonstop rallies was unprecedented.