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New Online Cultural Platform Launched in Armenia (VIDEO)

A new Armenian website for culture — arteria.am — was launched at the Khnko Apor Children’s Library in Yerevan today. Armenian Book Center NGO is the organization responsible for the site, which was developed with the assistance of the Swedish International Development Cooperation Agency (SIDA) and the Eurasia Partnership Foundation.

The website is the response to “the published book and organized exhibit, the cinema poster and the music that pours from the stage or the signs in procession down the street, the writing on the walls of establishments, the conversations given wings in city transport, which wants take form and resound as commentary or criticism,” reads the section on concept on the site, which is currently only available in Armenian.

Furthermore, those behind the project note that below the terms general “culture” and/or “national culture” day by day all differences are disappearing, colors are being erased, voices are being silenced, the me’s are ceasing to be individual personalities since looking at the same phenomenon from two or more perspectives is not permitted.

“It’s the demand for oneness and exclusivity. Whereas an energizing response opens the possibility of separations, a multiplicity of ones, in the penetration of whose outlook illuminated are distinctive subtleties and more shades, than the crash of dominant ideas brought down from above,” write the project founders.