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Russians Downed Azerbaijani Drone in Karabakh: Israeli Media

DEBKAfile, an Israel-based intelligence and security news website, reported that it was Russian anti-aircraft officers “who entered the tiny Caucasian republic from neighboring Armenia” and downed the Israel-made Azerbaijani drone on Sept. 12 in the Martuni district of Nagorno-Karabakh by “advancing anti-drone equipment owned by Nagorno Karabakh’s anti-aircraft defense units”.

Citing military sources, DEBKAfile reported that over the next two months, Azerbaijan’s army will accept delivery from Israel of 60 unmanned aircraft of two types: the Orbiter 2M, whose altitude ceiling is 4-6 km and can stay in the air up to 5 hours; and Aerostar, which can go as high as 10 km and stay aloft for 12 hours.

According to Western intelligence sources relied upon by DEBKAfile, Jerusalem and Baku are also deep in discussion on the sale of Israeli military spy satellites. DEBKAfile’s Iranian sources report that in addition to the radar stations Israel has installed on the Caspian shore with an open eye on Iran, it is about to acquire bases in Azerbaijan for long-range drones able to keep the Islamic Republic’s nuclear sites under surveillance.