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Armenian National Congress Prepared for Regular Elections, Says Zurabyan

Levon Zurabyan, coordinator of the Armenian National Congress’ (HAK) day-to-day affairs, speaking to RFE/RL’s Armenian service (Azatutyun), said that the opposition bloc is prepared for the upcoming elections.

“All the assignments have been given, so we are prepared for the elections at any given moment. We have branches in every former Soviet region, which carry out campaign work and have been entrusted with the task of preparing for electoral processes,” he said.

Zurabyan said as the coordinator of HAK’s central office, he also coordinates the activities of the bloc’s regional branches. Asked whether changes ahead of elections are possible, or whether he will continue to coordinate the head office, Zurabyan said:

“Everything is possible. We will make decisions ahead of elections, and if necessary, we will also introduce changes.”

HAK has not stepped back from its demand of early elections, Zurabyan added, but if this demand remains unmet, the opposition group will take part in the regular elections.

Zurabyan further informed the news outlet that HAK has appealed to international agencies to send more observers for the upcoming elections.

“We have appealed to the international community with the request to send approximately 200 election observers. This will allow the presence of one observer per each [electoral] district. The international community is considering this proposal with interest — even in the last Council of Europe resolution it was stated that a large mission be sent to oversea the elections,” he said.