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PHOTOS: More Dead as Storms, Heavy Rains Continue in Italy

There have been more weather related deaths in Italy as heavy rains and strong winds continue to batter much of the country. In the region near Naples in the south, two people were swept away in their car by torrential flood waters, Euronews reports.

In the nearby town of Pozzuoli a man was killed when a tree fell on his car.

So far at least 16 people have died over the last two weeks in some of the worst weather seen in the area in decades.

Schools have been closed along with sports grounds, and the ruins of Pompeii, were temporarily shut amid flooding fears.

The government has been criticized for failing to provide a national emergency plan when bad weather hits the country. Many homes in Italy’s mountainous countryside appear vulnerable to mudslides. Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi has admitted that unauthorized building has exacerbated the problem.

Concern now is for those living in low-lying areas in and around Turin after the River Po, Italy’s longest river, rose four metres in the city. Thousands have been told to evacuate their homes as a precaution.