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PHOTOS: Yerevan, Armenia, at 11:11 am on 11-11-11

Today is Nov. 11, 2011, which gives us the date 11/11/11. This once-in-a-century day is supposed to be lucky for love — which is why many people opt to exchange wedding vows on this day, while others, it seems, prefer to divorce, likely hoping that the triple convergence of 11s will help them easily settle court issues.

A peak at Yerevan’s St. Gregory the Illuminator Church, however, didn’t reveal any weddings taking place at 11:11 am on this date, though the possibility that weddings will happen later in the day in the Armenian capital is not ruled out.

In another corner of the city, there was, however, a group of students holding a demonstration on energy conservation. Holding posters and placards, they walked up Northern Avenue and entered Liberty Square to raise awareness and educate the public on this issue.

Epress.am staffers left the office to capture a slice of Yerevan as we saw it at 11:11 am on Nov. 11, 2011.