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Passions Flare in Armenia’s National Assembly: MPs Hurl Insults (VIDEO)

All legislative proposals made by the government were approved by the National Assembly during its emergency meeting today.

Heritage Party MP Armen Martirosyan, speaking to Epress.am, said that if the government has proposed a package, then it is the obligation of MPs to participate and vote on it.

“There were a few bills that were controversial and we abstained. As for the bills on environmental and technical regulations, we were opposed to them and they have been postponed by 15 days. On Friday, there are going to be parliamentary hearings in connection with the bill on assessing environmental impact,” he said.

Note, during Martirosyan’s address, there was noise in the room and Acting National Assembly Chair Samvel Nikoyan attempted to call order quiet the MPs on more than one occasion, which MP Arakel Movsisyan apparently wasn’t too pleased about.

Details can be seen in the video by Yerkir Media below.

Later in the video, Heritage Party MP Anahit Bakhshyan takes the podium and says she counted and there are 67 MPs seated in the room, however, the number currently showing as registered to vote for the bill on the table is 82.

Updated Dec. 1 at 10:34 am (AMT): Arakel Movsisyan’s name was incorrectly stated as “Harutyun Arakelyan”. This error has since been amended.