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Mayor Turned Hrazdan into ‘City of Dead Souls’: Opposition Believes in Victory

Campaigning for the Feb. 12 mayoral elections in the northeastern Armenian city of Hrazdan will officially begin on Jan. 25. Competing for the position will be two members of the ruling Republican Party of Armenia, current mayor Aram Danielyan and his advisor Hovhannes Prtavyan, as well as Armenian National Congress member Sasun Mikaelyan (no party affiliation).

Mesrop Mesropyan, responsible for press and campaign issues at Mikaelyan’s campaign headquarters, stressed that their campaign will incorporate all those methods used in election campaigns — meetings in residential courtyards and town halls, televised speeches, booklets, election videos and so on.

“We are preparing to hold normal elections. We have the a wide array of people’s support. The current mayor, who has worked for 10 years, has done nothing good for the city — or has been unable to do so. We have entered this electoral race not against anyone but for something. And in this fight, we will win. This, firstly, is not a political but a vital demand. Hrazdan has become ‘a city of dead souls’ because the current mayor has done nothing in practice,” he said.

Mesropyan added that ahead of the last elections mayor Aram Danielyan had promised to renvamp the park in front of Hrazdan city hall, but till today the park is in a partly unfinished state. Furthermore, during Danielyan’s term, Hrazdan’s movie theatre was appropriated and now houses a taxi service.