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Young Man Who Hit Protestor Detained by Yerevan Police (VIDEO)

A young man today approached protestors who gather every Thursday outside the Armenian government building and began asking questions — particularly asking why there are statements offensive to police officers written on their placards.

The man most likely was referring to a placard held by formerly imprisoned opposition activist Vardges Gaspari that had photos of 4 officers with the inscription “shameless [cheeky] police officers” on it. These are the officers who, according to Gaspari, blatantly lied during the investigation of his case.

During this time, another demonstrator, Lala Aslikyan, wanted to photograph the young man with her mobile phone; however, seeing this, the young man tried to leave. Seeing that Aslikyan, however, was following him, the young man hit her and attempted to grab her phone.

Vardges Gaspari complained to the officers on the scene, saying he wants to report a crime. Yerevan deputy police chief Karen Movsisyan, subsequently, ordered the young man to be taking to the police station.