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HAK Candidate Nominated to ‘Hinder’ Me, Says Heritage Party MP

Heritage Party MP Armen Martirosyan, nominated in the no. 6 single-mandate constituency, sees Republican Party of Armenia candidate and head of Yerevan’s Ajapnyak administrative district Ruben Hovsepyan and Prosperous Armenia Party candidate Vahan Karapetyan as his main competitors, because both have quite a lot of administrative and financial leverage.

In conversation with Epress.am, the opposition candidate said in a political sense he doesn’t consider anyone his rival.

During the campaign period, Martirosyan said, he will present to voters his work of previous years, as well as what steps his party will take within the framework of its “Covenant for a New Armenia” platform.

“My work over the past 5 years has been public and, I think, there’s no need for new promises. Furthermore, in the last two years, on the Parliament Monitoring site, I have been among the top three most active deputies — in 2010, as well, I was considered the most active lawmaker,” he said.

On the matter of another opposition candidate, Armenian National Congress member Avet Poghosyan, being nominated in the same district, Martirosyan said: “Of course, I won’t act contrary to logic: I think that his participation will snatch votes away from me, but he won’t be my main competition. His candidacy was put forth with one purpose — to hinder me.”

He pointed out that since last June, he has said that he will be nominated in this district, adding that the Heritage Party, knowing that Khachatur Sukiasyan would be nominated in the no. 10 district and Sasun Mikaelyan in the no. 25 district, opted not to nominate candidates in those districts.