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Dashnaktsutyun Accepts Armenian National Congress’ Proposal, While Ruling Party Abstains

A discussion of representatives of various political parties on establishing a team to prevent electoral fraud is still underway at the Union of Political Analysts of Armenia.

Armenian Revolutionary Federation (Dashnaktsutyun) Supreme Council representative Armen Rustamyan agreed to sign a document proposed by the opposition bloc the Armenian National Congress (HAK). Earlier, HAK representative and candidate in the May 6 parliamentary election Levon Zurabyan urged the signing of the document directed at RA Police Chief Vladimir (Vova) Gasparyan, asking he provide the list of citizens on eligible voters’ lists who are permanently outside the country. Rustamyan said that they can at least separate these names by printing them in italics on the lists, if not remove them all together. Immediately after he uttered these remarks, Rustamyan asked for a pen and on the spot signed the document proposed by HAK. Afterwards, Rustamyan and Zurabyan shook hands as a sign of agreement, reports Aravot.am.

The idea of an inter-party team, however, was incomprehensible for head of the Republican Party of Armenia (HHK) parliamentary faction Galust Sahakyan.

“It was presented very romantically and tailor-made. Ten days before, the National Assembly published a similar declaration, which establishes a similar, appropriate structure, in which not only parliamentary parties can participate, so that we make the elections as manageable as possible.

“In my opinion, the parliament’s capabilities are much greater, and all political forces can participate. The team not  yet established, they’re already signing a document. I will abstain, because these documents had to be discussed by the [ruling] coalition. This will be discussed within the scope of the coalition, and then, I think, a response will be given. But I’m telling you, there’s already a declaration [on the table] with these same motives and structured more competently.”

Updated 4:42 pm same day:  representatives of different political parties will be forming a team to prevent electoral fraud and not inter-party campaign headquarters as previously reported.