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No Regional Vehicles to Enter Baku during Eurovision

In preparation of the 2012 Eurovision Song Contest, municipal authorities have decided to prohibit vehicles coming into the capital from the regions during the event. Contest organizers say there will be more than 20,000 visitors to Baku.

As reported by Vesti.az, citing American radio station WNWI, such measures are implemented in response to the severe air pollution in the capital. “European as well as Azerbaijani experts have repeatedly said that Baku has a high level of air pollution due to exhaust gases. The number of cars in Baku is growing rapidly — every family in the Azerbaijani capital has practically 2–3 cars. In such a state, of course, the most affected are those who have health problems.”

WNWI, referring to a study conducted by the Business Insight International Research Group, points out that there are up to 1 million vehicles in Baku.