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Pornomania in Armenia Result of the Cult of Virginity

Armenia is ranked number one in the number of the searches for the word “porno,” sexologist Vrezh Shahramanyan told local reporters in Yerevan today.

Citing date from Google Trends from 2004 to present day, Shahramanyan said Armenia ranked 100 out of a possible score of 100 for the amount of searches for “porn.” Armenia is followed by Turkey (90 points), Peru (85), Romania (76), and Congo (74). From the South Caucasus countries, Georgia was ranked 14th place (with 59 points) and Azerbaijan, 16th place (57 points).

The reason for this figure, according to another speaker at today’s press conference, psychologist Khachatur Gasparyan, is that Armenian families still refer to the genitals as “folk instruments” and use other dimunitive, supposedly humorous terms. He also recalled the tradition of the “red apple” practiced by some Armenian families, according to which as a sign that the bride was a virgin, on the morning after the wedding night the groom’s parents present their in-laws with a red apple. Those who are particularly diligent hang the bloody sheet from the newly weds’ bed for all to see.

“It’s time to lift the veil of false morality and put aside the stories about storks and cabbage. A child can learn the truth from his friends or from the internet and lose confidence in his parents,” said Shahramanyan.

The sexologist also touched upon a website offering the services of Armenian prostitutes that was recently reported in the media. He said that among the 400 female sex workers, 300 had sexually transmitted infections. According to him, the issue is not the website but that even if one opts to pay for sex, he has to have the opportunity of being informed.