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Attorney Insists his Imprisoned Client Needs to be Hospitalized

The defendant M., in pre-trial detention under charges of “hooliganism” and attempt to intentionally damage another’s property, has been on a hunger strike for one week; two days ago he announced he would not be drinking water. His health has rapidly deteriorated.

Speaking to Epress.am this morning, the defentant’s attorney Vahe Gabrielyan said his client’s blood pressure has dropped, he’s experiencing dizziness, and he basically needs to be hospitalized.

M. is in the Armavir prison, where, according to Gabrielyan, conditions are bad. Today, he will be transferred to the Nubarashen penitentiary.

“Today too we spoke with him; he is in a bad state; I think he should be taken to a hospital, but it’s unlikely that will happen. Nevertheless, he does not intend to stop his hunger- and water-strike,” Gabrielyan said.

Recall, M. went on a hunger strike to protest violations in the criminal case against him and his friends, their arbitrary arrest, and fraud in the preliminary investigation.

Earlier, Epress.am spoke with the attorneys of Robert Pilosoyan, who is also accused in this case,. They outlined the violations and the torture their client experienced in prison.

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