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Police Forcibly Remove Residents Protesting Construction in Central Yerevan

Larko Group began construction work in the courtyard of the buildings at 10 and 12 Sayat-Nova Ave. in central Yerevan today. Against local residents' wishes, in a matter of minutes, representatives of the developing company were able to fence the boiler room in the yard with tin sheets and forcibly remove residents from the area.

Small groups of police officers were on site since early morning, arousing the suspicion of tenants who are protesting the construction that something will happen soon. Later, more police officers arrived and a few dozen unknown young men, who regularly appeared in the courtyard and issued various threats to residents. 

Police officers warned residents that a city hall representative will come to meet with them soon. Speaking to Chief of the Yerevan Municipality's Department of Urban Planning and Land Control Hayk Asatryan, residents insisted that the construction is illegal and they won't allow their yard to be seized. Asatryan said that the developer has all the (necessary) rights to the construction. 

Residents countered that the city has neglected them and their opinions were not taken into account.

After Asatryan's departure, a large number of police officers made a human chain and forcibly removed women standing outside the entrance to the boiler room. Then, with the assistance of the unknown young men, they pulled out construction materials and iron rods from a nearby garage and began putting up the tin metal sheeting.



One of the residents, Hripsime Petrosyan, lay down in front of the entrance to the garage, but police removed her and the other women protesting the construction.


While this was going on, residents quickly called a meeting and in the presence of a lawyer decided to go to court. 

Recall, residents of 10 and 12 Sayat-Nova Ave. are against plans to build a six-storey mixed-use building in their courtyard. Residents claim that the developer want to use 230 square meters of surface area, which would block the road leading into the courtyard for cars.