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100 Soldiers in 10 Days Treated in Goris Hospital

Military conscripts have been receiving treatment at the Goris Medical Center for around 10 days, mostly for fever (the majority having a high temperature of 39–40ºC), informs Asparez Journalists' Club [AM]. All the soldiers have been diagnosed with bronchitis; a few of them have pneumonia, while others have upper respiratory tract infections. Those whose condition was more serious were taken to hospital.

Most of the soldiers over these past few days received the necessary treatment and were discharged after recovery. The treatment lasted 8 days. But on Feb. 13 new soldiers were still being admitted for treatment. 

Medical center staff informed Asparez Journalists' Club that overall they admitted around 100 ill soldiers from different military units. The soldiers themselves said they were mainly from the Goris and Kubatlu units. 

Doctors cannot say for sure the cause and spread of the disease, only that it's a common virus, and that playing a role was not only the cold winter, but also the fact that infection spreads faster in closed spaces.