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Georgia’s Parliament Adopts Resolution in Support of Ukraine

The Georgian Parliament on Thursday adopted a resolution on Ukraine calling on the west to take “political, economic and diplomatic measures” to help Ukraine amid Russian “aggression,” reports Civil.ge.

The resolution, proposed by the ruling political party Georgian Dream – Democratic Georgia, was passed by a vote of 74-0, but lawmakers from the minority party United National Movement (UNM) did not vote for it, citing Georgian Dream majority’s refusal to include in the text direct calls for international sanctions against Russia.

Despite two days of negotiations between lawmakers of the two parties in an attempt to come up with a bipartisan text, the parties failed to agree and each group put to vote its own separate resolution. UNM’s draft was rejected by a vote of 27-6.

The adopted resolution “Supporting Sovereignty and Territorial Integrity of Ukraine” reads, in part: 

“The recent aggressive acts carried out by the Russian Federation against the sovereignty and territorial integrity of Ukraine, including use of military units on the territory of Ukraine in violation of provisions of the bilateral agreements and threat of large scale military aggression, pose a serious threat not only to our friendly Ukraine, but to Georgia and entire Europe as well.  

"Georgia experienced firsthand Russia’s armed aggression in 2008 and other similar processes […] that resulted in occupation of Georgia’s two regions and ethnic cleansing. Ukraine faces the same threat today." 

The resolution also calls on the Georgian government to continue consultations with representatives of the Ukrainian authorities and, if necessary, provide humanitarian aid to the Ukrainian people.